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Distractions conditioning

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/02/2019 08:50 PM
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Distractions conditioning
I surround abuse setup sabotage others . Then offer a solution . Glossing over a decade of planned wrongs is a lot , but people only go from their experience anyways so just assume it’s nothing . So spatter boards with crap and ignore massive conspiracies all around . Belittle dehumanize someone after already dealing with the prior crimes setups and basic misuse of human networking.

If screwing over others is fine as long as they are not part of your crew than how is it ethically responsable to have people who don’t partake in gangland war to deal with all the bad aspects while also being hated by those who do it simply for not partaking .

Next phase is to target the issues built into the abuse. To attempt to show problems and classify as such.

If this happens once to anyone - it should known. Instead, it’s a collection of posters talking about mostly pointless topics with bots and users using multiple accounts . For what. Join a group and forget about all of humanity, just attack those you can. While ignoring the issues that actually cause you miserable chodes to endure these conditions

Teenage years your brain is formed , and then u get conditioned by this system of cash and profit driven choices . To abandon original thinking to adapt in a landscape that rewards money any way it comes. Many times people who don’t change for money are kind and not criminals , then dealwith criminals invading security and lives . I don’t mind most of it but it’s too far when your abusing people secretly so bad and then pointing out later the issues caused by the same people pointing them out .its a psychopathic attempted diluting erosion of a life that gets crime done to them not committing crime . It’s a growing system of crap, and a lot is not known as to what some deal with by something lower than thelowest in my view .

Real people are basically hunted by weebles on order . It’s not individuals it’s more sellouts in groups that inflict pain on orders . With news and media subtly and cleverly making it seem like this is alright. It whatever just way beyond wrong , yet groups of people seem to enjoy it.