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Message Subject Is this really what life is. Working every day for 60 years . For what? To pay bills and eat food. Fuck man .
Poster Handle Midnight Oil
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As a kid life seems so amazing and you can dream of big things and have faith. The older you get it seems the world tries to take away your faith. I have had 8 jobs in my life starting in high school and I’m just sick of this shit. I’m lucky to make 100 a day . I know that’s poverty level. But I manage. But thinking ahead I have to do this every day for the next 30 years . How the hell do you guys and gals cope with reality.

I’m on empty.

I want out.

Fuck this hell hole planet.
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It seems to me Jesus wants me to stay poor for some reason .
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You're probably in the wilderness as many are. Its that scripture, hard for rich man to enter the kingdom, etc. Our things become idols easily. It can seem very harsh. I know. Just tell God he can have all of you. He wants to be first. I think its about over. Something ugly is coming to the world, but good for us who have been separated. The most important thing is for us to repent of every thought, word and deed that doesn't line up with the word of God. We'll be glad we went that way, soon. Some say war is coming before our deliverance. Whatever it is, hold tight.
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