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Message Subject Can You Feel The Dominoes Falling?
Poster Handle PhiloSophiaZoso
Post Content
here's an example

I just watched a bit of the latest bongino show

The title says there' 'panic in DC'... hmm ok

but then he sits there and spends hours going on about how fucked we all are, how all this censorship is coming

these trump bootlickers are constantly running this double game where they tell you the bad guys are losing and they're all about to get their ass kicked, but meanwhile if you actually look it's just non stop oppression and the key part is while Trump does nothing or helps them

it's just getting too hard to listen to these shills they're so fucking full of shit
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69520875

Notice how none of them do anything??

As though their hands are tied, but how are they tied? Complacency - no true patriots make it to the upper levels...

Just salesman, tools and pawns - they get the black magic money - not us - we're the livestock workhorse slaves is how they see it.

This bunch must be a pain for the greater reality! Glad they got rounded up here to reveal how horrible they are! Even given the benefit of the doubt with a freash new life and they waste it away and do the same horrible BS - what more proof is needed??

Meanwhile, why not further investigate Maxwell? What ever happened to ending The Fed or even an audit? Begging for scraps from corrupt oligarchies for more of their black magic tokens.

What about investigating The Clintons? 9/11 truth? Ha!

The answers are obvious...

And gravity will always pull what remains to the larger center - big forces at play - there is no escape - there never was escape - nature has us right where she wants us!

Even religious astral meddlers are caught red handed in the process! To be willing to interfere in a species' evolution and program humans in such a way. They too have been marked, as intended!!

They may fool a few humans and slip through the corrupt law system, but this is a fool's paradise, only lying to themselves - they will die and the bigger forces will always win - they are contained within the universal containment field!

To be so stupid to take such a bad deal for earthly pleasures - wow! How daft can these individuals get? They side on playing dumb and everyone else was doing the same 17 year old??

But the emperor kept on his underpants!! Lol yeah sure...

Can you imagine ever saying such a thing like I kept my underpants on???

This is too much!! Perfectly fitting.
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