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Message Subject Can You Feel The Dominoes Falling?
Poster Handle PhiloSophiaZoso
Post Content
People don't want justice.
They want a dopamine fix.
Humans were made into slave junkies.

Ooooh yes scandal , pedoes and so.

Do you see any protests on the streets????
They all watch the show and get bored with it.

Because cowards just want a good show to ease their aching ass from being fucked by the "elite"

Nothing is changing, the little splash of truth has drowned in the crowd.

The idiot masses did not get the point.

They bow down again and present their assess to their masters.

More games and bread they bleat like goats!
 Quoting: People are bored already 77287374

True, but!

Civil unrest is heating up around the world! I think this pattern is going to intensify / not go away!
 Quoting: PhiloSophiaZoso

The Engineered civil unrest will distract from the ETs and Jesusgame so it can morph into something new while they are blaming Jesuit Masonic Jeffs and you echo along with them..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77943420

I feel a multi-tiered approach is best - point out the obvious - while also aware of the larger structure and deeper issues.

Yes it does all come down to how they "crucify" spirit upon the crossing of spirit and physical to keep Source feeding their foul play empires of demons and thieves.

I'm always saying we've got to let "Christ" "down off the cross" to "resurrect" through "The People" - but people aren't ready for that...

So working with the obvious fuck ups as they are is a good stepping stone approach while also imbuing the deeper undertones - going step by step in this way feels more realistic than just going straight for the core.

I like to go straight for the core as well! But typically less views and people don't understand - easier to make smaller jumps first that lead to larger leaps figured out by the searchers themselves :)

Setup the dominoes and watch them fall upwards and downwards ;) ;)

I've got a good feeling about the 2020s! And I know eventually spirit will be released and the cat and mouse games WILL come to an end in this finite reality :)


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