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Message Subject Can You Feel The Dominoes Falling?
Poster Handle PhiloSophiaZoso
Post Content
Continue being globalist slaves or take back what's rightfully ours?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78146865


Growing up ain't easy - forces always try to take you down and use you in life - we either rise up or we get smacked down and harnessed!

NEVER have the global elite been placed in such an open and precarious position!!

Let's make it happen!! Nay sayers can go cry at their pity parties lol :P

No epic victory is ever easy or seems possible - you want an eternal life quality world and a stable golden age? We've got to be stronger than the forces which try to hold us back and keep us down!! Evolutionary pressures at work!!

They're sloppy, arrogant and clearly guilty - they have everything to lose while we have everything to gain!

Do what you can in your circle and just watch and see what happens :)

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