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Message Subject Can You Feel The Dominoes Falling?
Poster Handle PhiloSophiaZoso
Post Content
I believe the Jesus thing is a scam by fake devils to keep the NWO playing an old game that is not sustainable on a longer term. They are going to full censor mad max shill and kill and wont rethink anything... a few old people will survive and the rest will be terminated. The ones with the "cool jobs" will be replaced by AI and sidelined too (probably more because they know too much)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78199710

You give them too much credit! They operate banking on that - really they are stuck - they just want to get you stuck with them kissing their ass and being afraid!

This is a passing phase, not the end all be all, sucks to be them! Don't feel sorry they made their bed!

No wonder they over compensate - like they would even be any fun at a party just talking about how great they are *gag

AI cannot replicate everything - like art, good design, humanistic qualities - also they will need upkeep by humans - not as much of a dead end as it seems IMO.

Don't think their current empire model as it is will last that long - they're going to have to be ethical and humanistic if they want to take off or else people will look at the billion dollar paperweights and shrug them off like we always do with new gizmos.

Those old men who hold on so tight are frail and weak - their children are spoiled and less evil - their domination schemes are only as good as humans are capable - their overlords aren't much better - limited scope within limited scope.

Sun can wipe the whole slate clean in about 15 minutes if he chooses to do so for the sake of earth.

Big fish in a small pond.

With Jesus, there is a valid archetype of the prosecuted spiritual teacher by the shadow empire that puts those types of people to death - they're still running things - a bit of a drag really - The Golden Rule is good! Trying to be Christ-like is good! Fortunately with our own discernment we can keep what is good and toss what is antiquated bad vibe attachments and let them die along with the other corrupt structures rotting away.

We're here to prepare for the long term return to the grander scheme of things - they already have the most advanced AI possible, horrible empires and corrupt thieving rulers in astral realms - this is a microcosm of all that - we can take it in stride and keep it cool - the exterior theater will always try to get to us - but we form a solid foundation of right and wrong / co-respect / The Golden Rule / The Golden Ratio - we can become unusable to evil - they are like mosquitoes and parasites crawling in the shadows - no footholds to use against us and nothing to worry about except the dust that collects on our shoulders which we can sweep off and move on...

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