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That was interesting to read about your experiences, Adam. Thank you. I have a friend who studied music production and came - after a while - to the same conclusion - that the music industry, as it presently stands, was not the place she wanted to work. Instead she studied social work, worked as a music teacher in Africa and founded a charity there for orphans..... this is an example of how one thing - and the skills one gathers on the way - leads to the next, and all are essential steps on the journey.

Perhaps you can use your sound engineer knowledge for better use in the future, Adam.

I've been sound engineer for some years in recording studio as I love music, I play guitar. And firstly it was like dream come true. Good salary, music everywhere, interesting people. I recorded few well known polish musicians and to bo honest... most of them are total idiots and dicks. Sorry for the language. Small young music groups were always grateful that they can record their music. But big so called stars were assholes. Weird expectations, zero technical knowledge from them.
Sometimes I was working whole night in studio. Anyway, I did my move and dumped it. Too many individual people around. It was stressfull to much.
The only thing I miss is that sometimes there were super special people I meet. For example I met rock star I was fan since I was young! We were talking few hours, even had a drink. Very polite and intelligent person. And whole recording was the easiest job ever. Only few takes and almost zero mastering.

Anyway.. I have some money saved and now I am taking programming language courses. It is going well and in 2020 I will have my first job. Why did I do this? I am into new technologies, few years ago I was coding some programms and I will spend my time in front of computer which.. I like. Salary will be much better, will see :)
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