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Thank you for sharing, Stonedbroski. This shows very clearly that it is not actually the job itself but the QUALITY OF THE SERVICE and the JOY GIVEN TO OTHERS which gives the greatest fulfillment.

I once met a strong Christan who told me that he did every task - big or small - as if he was doing it for Jesus. I found that quite impressive at the time. We must develop standards of excellence on this planet, and every small act of kindness contributes automatically to the betterment of the WHOLE, OF WHICH WE ARE ALL PART.

So congratulations to you, Stonedbriski for your positive attitude and ability to uplift the mood of your customers. The experience you gather will help you onto the next stage in your life. You are actually already being an "artist" in your present occupation - you are being CREATIVE with people, assessing their needs, choosing which words will go down best, being creative in your answers. So you are on the way to your "real vocation".

im the busser at the restaurant where I work at. Its a pretty satisfying job, its helping me become better with people and connect with others. When I started I was a host and it was pretty bad(table rotation was a bitch). As a bus boy, my life changed forever. I had no clue that bussing tables would change me so much. I was shy as hell before, and super paranoid. Now its cool asf, sure since its the holidays, im spending my tipouts on partying but I think its all in good intention.

I help people out by making their day a bit better, and not focusing on how shitty I feel. We all feel like shit sometimes. SO its my job to make people feel well and happy, well I make it part of my job( and its MANDATORY).
Most people would think "oh what millennial false hope type of thinking is that? Bussing tables is a shit job" Well in my experience it tends to be good people in these "shit jobs' meanwhile shit people have the 'good jobs'

my vocation would be as an artist. If i had nothing getting in my was at all, I would totally become a full time artist. I love making art
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