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the kardashian/houghten indicator...the gods of the earth...el chapo, sean penn

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12/04/2019 08:06 PM
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the kardashian/houghten indicator...the gods of the earth...el chapo, sean penn
lets do a little human geography here..the houghtan clan got its start in the coal mining/ oil prospecting area of the midwest and mid south...global intel(british in this case) moved the clan into that bastion of covert naval activity san diego and the kardashian/houghten matriarch began her work for the whore of babylon/international energy trust thru the human trafficking cover which would be guns girls and drugs...remeber now that the british became the focal point for oil going back to the beginning when their ships converted from coal..

houghten/kardashian attended clairemont high in san diego which was the setting for the movie fast times at ridgemont high which starred sean penn who jumped in on the el chappo sacrifice..houghten/kardashian had two san diego marriages, one to a boatsmith and the other to a rent a car ceo both of whom were set up at a san diego marina where the drug trafficking is protected by the sea lane miltary ops..the last part of the scenario includes armenian americans who own yachts at the transfer landings, armenia being a caspian sea oil nation, the sea out of which the beast rises forth from to open the book of revelation...the armenian connection goes back to ww2 and the heroic kirk kirkorian flying u.s. made planes to england at the sart point of the conflict...and we thank 6you for your support...