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Message Subject Plants 'scream' when stressed out, study finds Now vegans got nothing to eat
Poster Handle Rorschach Watchmen
Post Content
I honestly will never understand the back and forth between vegans and meat eaters.

Why do people give one iota of their time and energy to worrying about what others eat or how they eat?

Each one of them just pour out vehement hate for each other because of what the other decided to eat.
 Quoting: Rorschach Watchmen

The vegans pour out their self righteous smuggery on anyone who does not beleive as they do like a pack of constipated rapture tards.

The meat eaters simply respons to their never ending self rightous SHIT as anyone would.

Never once met a heatlth or sane vegan...and they always rub their religion in your face and look down on you for doing what mankind has done since the days of caves...eating meat.
.vegans can go FUCK THEMSELVES and if one of them ever gets in my face again with their endless whininv and bullshit...ill break their fucking JAW.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44119413

only whiney teenagers living in mom's basement talk like this

- REAL men don't brag or make threats - especially over the opinions of a pathetic vegan
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78177302

Thats because YOU dont live right next door to one that NEVER fucking shuts up about it.

The more he bitches and complains about MY eating habits...the more BBQ I do when the wind blows his way.

I never complain about his eating...but he is always going off at me for mine.

Btw...he is scrawny...animic...and has just been sent to hospital as he started havinv pjlemtic siezures cause by LACK OF IRON and low vit b.

He will not survive.

Even though he annoys the fuck out of me with his endless sermons on vege eating...i took some things of his to the hospital being a good neighbour..

And fuck...he is an absolute wreck now...trmbling...shaking..can hardly talk.

Been a vegan for 10 years.

And now he is reaping the rewards for it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44119413

But I bet he can spell anemic correctly.

Oh the irony
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