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Message Subject New Zealand volcano: At least five people killed
Poster Handle Comuno Domini ***
Post Content

[link to youtu.be (secure)]

Video of the eruption event, New Zealand, White Island ^^^

 Quoting: ~Blue Spirit~

Go to 0:03.

It's obvious this is one of a world class brilliant artist.
An image over an image of a active and classified underwater volcano, and then, some high tech advanced computer shit, with a rather brilliantly put together GRANULAR FILTER, on the edges, and, which, THEY, 'cause, yeah, if you look at it all, and how fast this comes out... were working together hardcore.

There is no other way.
The middle of the image: That's the dead give away.
A split in the middle, very close to the middle, which tells me, could very well be that that is the case, that they have like 2 or 4 monitors. Extra fucking large Widescreen. Impossible to join together seamlessly with today's current technology. (This absolute last part, I THINK.)

I'm just looking at what the outcome is, and look for a possible explanation.
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