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Coup Update: Impeachment Abuse of President Trump

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75485237
United States
12/13/2019 08:41 PM
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Coup Update: Impeachment Abuse of President Trump
The Impeachment Vote Farce

As I told the press today in a statement, the Judiciary Committee’s vote on the articles of impeachment was both a tragedy and a farce. Truly, it was a sad day for America because a grave injustice was committed. There is no abuse of power by President Trump, however, it is clear that abuses were committed against him by the DOJ, the State Department, the FISA court, and certainly by Democrats in the House.

This impeachment scam was corruptly formed and is being corruptly pursued. A coup cabal has hijacked the House to violate the rights of President Trump and undermine our constitutional republic. It is not too late to “stop the coup.” Americans should call their members of Congress to share their views on this wild attack on self-government.

[link to www.judicialwatch.org (secure)]