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Message Subject Four Earthquakes 5.0 - 6.0 Cascadia Fault Zone plus 6.2 Christmas Eve UPDATED p.5
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Having lived in Mexico City and been through a few big ones like in 85 you automatically look for the nearest exit when you are in a building, it's instinct. Getting under a plywood and aluminum desk isn't going to save you if the building comes down. After the quake in 85 they found that at a school that collapsed, the kids that survived were found in the rows between the desks, the kids under the desks got flattened. Vancouver has no fucking idea what will some day happen. I trust my instinct and have a plan, not just to get through the shaking but what to do afterward to safely exit a building and meet up with family if it's really bad.

Just a block from work they are building cheap not even up to code highrises on land fill (I know a guy that did the electrical and he says some of the support columns are already cracking before the building was finished). It won't even take a big quake to bring some of these highrises down.
 Quoting: KeepingItReal

Look up ‘Triangle of Life’
It will save you .
Being in doorway or under desk is worse place to be ,
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