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Message Subject Betelgeuse is dimming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

dude, 642 light years away
at light speed it will take 642 years anything to reach us
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57897053

If it exploded 642 years ago, then the light from the flash will arrive tomorrow, and with it gamma rays will come

I taught physics back in the Soviet school ;-)
 Quoting: FoxyLab

Did you know that the white man/Aryan originated from Orion? That is where you guys first called home lol
 Quoting: j4

Extraterrestrial origin of human - yes, probably (and ET origin of octopuses too (strange with octopuses DNA))
 Quoting: FoxyLab

Yes, the Nordic white man/maritan first came from there so see this as a Message. your gods/ancestors are probably going 2 return to avenge the injustice going on against the white man today5arockonufo56
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