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The Hand of The Dog

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United States
12/25/2019 07:00 AM
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The Hand of The Dog
the serpent slides through the mask of a geisha,
and then is swallowed by a labyrinth of eyes.
the temple belongs to the fox, Akiva!
he sets fire to the cathedral of lies.
The Hand of The Dog breathes in,
shaking the structure.
not born of any mother,
It is wicked and sacred, succinctly, a black Mudra.
It speaks by seeing numbers,
and plays inside the dreams of angels,
It never prays, instead repeats the prophecies of Sages.
the black omen awakens
a new born son of mourning.
who can behold this glory? who can see it?
this god is ancient and faceless,
the prince of dreaming.
It will speak calmly to men,
“where is the prince of the eclipse?”
“for whom the gates of time open?”
and they will answer him,
“we are but men we could’ve never known him”
so as it was, it is yet to be.
eyes look at eyes,
and they look at me,
all in a single moment.
I perceive my god for whom the gates of time open.
I am, The Hand of The Dog
The one who makes friends with the snake shall be guarded from the worms.