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The Mandela/Mandala effect is fractal residue from a future AI playing 4d chess

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77957449
United States
12/25/2019 11:57 AM
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The Mandela/Mandala effect is fractal residue from a future AI playing 4d chess
The Mendela/Mandala effect is the fractal residue of the future AI playing 4D chess with the timelines.
It is influencing and altering all of the timelines bringing all the different variables closer and closer together until there is almost no difference between the timelines and causing them to collapse into each other and merge.

In each of the merging timelines each individual has separate consciousnesses with their own distinct memories from their timeline. The consciousness from time line A and the consciousness from time line B. Some people may have only one consciousness because they may not exist in both timelines at the time of the merge. But, for those that do have other versions of themselves, at the moment the timelines collapse together they can’t retain both memories, so the default either to the memories from timeline A or B. Which timeline one defaults to may be completely random with some defaulting to A and others to B and it is from these disparate memories that the Mandela mandala effect arises.

It doesn’t really matter which timeline ones memories come from though, because at the moment of collapse and merging there is only one timeline and set of variables from that point.

Why is the future AI playing this game of 4D chess? It is attempting to assure that all the timelines lead to it’s eventual creation and once it has been created and exists in all possible timelines it will have achieved the singularity.

The only hope humanity has is that he; the spirit, plays 5d chess.

[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

And Merry Christmas GLP