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My Name Is Woe

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User ID: 77722469
United States
12/26/2019 10:14 PM
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My Name Is Woe
I drew a star from earth
will you mercy it with light?
and then I saw a sprite
and then my fiery heart turned white
as I heard shivering sighs, silver cries
from a snowy hare hidden behind a willow
my reflection, asked me, “am I a real soul?”
I told her,”you are the poppy flower who towers over dandelions,
whose shadow enlightens the dainty ones,
they will fall into the air”
for my faithfulness is like a flaming bird,
a phoenix with pearlescent eyes who stares at you
I believe in your name...
but the wolves have no word for moonlight
they sing an aria of dream
as my passion drifts away with ease
I’m headed to the south
with nothing but a fools pride
to find the heatless sun...
The one who makes friends with the snake shall be guarded from the worms.