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Message Subject Fukushima update: Removal of spent nuclear fuel at Fukushima No. 1 UPDATE TEPCO obvious attempt at derail here..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Greta is doing a good job diverting attention away from this disaster.

"What the mainstream media has not reported about Greta's family is that her maternal grandfather, Malena's dad Lars Ernman, is retired chief financial officer (CFO) of Sandvik, a world-leading tool-maker that manufactures saws and drills for home carpentry, and also steel pipes for nuclear power plants. In partnership with the French atomic energy giant AREVA, the Swedish manufacturer also produces drilling, tunneling and rock-crushing equipment for the global uranium-mining industry. Poof! There just went the theory, leaving behind only a conspiracy of the corporate kind. Antifa, you can start kissing it now.

AREVA is a major nuclear-technology supplier for TEPCO, including the melted pipes at the self-destructed Fukushima No.1 facility, which exploded and went up in flames in March 2011, and has been dumping radioactive water into the Pacific ever since, following repeated failures by that same French supplier to install an effective water-filtration system. AREVA also subcontracts hundreds of steel components for the global nuclear industry from the Nippon Steel's division called Japan Casting & Forging, whose defective crack-riddled parts were largely responsible for explosions and fires that forced shut-downs of atomic power plants in France and other countries. Those Japanese quality-assurance failures have opened a lucrative opportunity for Sandvik to exploit as a components supplier to nuclear plants worldwide."

[link to rense.com (secure)]

[link to www.bloomberg.com (secure)]
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