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Message Subject the Iranian Revolution: It was not what you think. It was a US backed coup of the 2500 year old Monarchy of Iran
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
now we see this pattern in the 20th century all over the world

2000 year old dynasty of Korea, utterly destroyed. Japanese 2000 year old dynasty. 1000 year old Russian dynasty or Rurik. Qing dynasty in China, Nyugen dynasty in Vietnam, the French MOnarchy in french revolution.

just look how the goblins scream and yell like demons about the Royal Family.

i'm not monarchist but we see this is definitely THE most significant predominant underlying Pattern to the history of the past 2 centuries.

the conquest of all world dynasties by the Masonic Israeli dynasties. and they did it ALL thanks to their Anglo Saxxon/Germanic/Celtic orc drone money servants, without them they couldn't have done ANY Of it, they couldnt even beat LEBANON in a fucking WAR.

the whites themselves have NO DYNASTIC LEADERSHIP whatsoever
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