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How will Trump deal with Iraq? Now that we know Iraq is an Iran proxy?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78306038
United States
01/03/2020 07:36 PM
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How will Trump deal with Iraq? Now that we know Iraq is an Iran proxy?
The biggest Intel gathered in the last week is bigger than the assassination in itself:

That is that fact Iraq has become an Iran Proxy in the region. They do not share our ideologies whatsoever anymore. A failed state and lost war is the reality now.

So, what do we make of the future now? If Iraq has become pro Iran, and logically so as Iran is anti-Sunni/ISIS and other Saudi terrorist militias, how do we maintain a presence?

Iraq meets tomorrow and will decide our ability to stay in their nation. Trump would be forced to decide to go back into Iraq and have another Iraq war to regain footing.

If Iraq does decide that they don't trust America's interest in the nation the next steps will be crucial. Iraq holds the cards, not US or Iran.

Iraq will become Iran 2.0 soon. That is what this is all about. Has nothing to do with American lives and all the other horseshit being spewed.

Iraq is just in choosing Iran. America has allowed Isis to flourish and wreak havoc on the nation, and showed they are absolutely wishy washy in how to fight terror. Iraq sees what many former "woke" GLP'ers use to see: America is not interested in fighting terror whatsoever. This is about destabilizing the area to take down all the nation's spoken of the last 20 years and longer towards a NWO.

Terrorism is a ruse. A means to an end. Iran won't need to retaliate, as they have already won. Iraq is pro Iran and will and have fallen in line with their own desires for stability in the region against radical Islam spewed from the pulpit of one of the most despotic nations in earth, Saudi Arabia.

This is the truth of the matter.

Iran has no reason to once again take the bait. Continue the long game. It is working as America collapses from within. The American dollar eroding and the nation losing confidence in all of its institutions of government.