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Message Subject Cabala and Talmud lies about the most Holy Bible
Poster Handle Lotus Feet
Post Content
It's funny how the parent religion of Christians is so obviously corrupt, yet the fanatic Christians are still too blind to realize that this corruption is also in their own religion.

Poooooor little godbots...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 289164

All the abrahamic religions corrupted the spiritual reality. The seed of all religion is mysticism, that is how the word is received. Prophet Jeremiah said the lying pens of the scribes made the inspired word of God profane. Both Jesus and Jeremiah cursed the fig tree for that reason.

There is a spiritual reality that has been suppressed from humanity to stop humanity obtaining their freedom from oppression. That which was spiritual was made literal and material such is the mind of carnal man.

There are many different spiritual realities and every soul has a unique spiritual journey. Kabbalah is a system with a heritage in other spiritual realities. My view is that some of he Ancient mystery teachings have been put into the Kabbalah system. However, that does not make it appropriate for all humanity. What is important is that humanity learn that there far greater realities then the a purely earthly one and each and every person as the opportunity to enjoy the ascent of the soul and the ascent of consciousness.

This is the view of Kabbalist in Israel.

The Nation of Israel's Role
Rav Michael Laitman, PhD describes the nation of Israel's role in the world, its connection to the wisdom of Kabbalah, and the reason for the present-day rise of anti-Semitism in a talk with European MTV host Eden Harel.

There are many names and different labels but as we know truth exists when we have come to completion of it within ourselves.

Kabalah for the masses

Many people write many things about other people and what they do. However, if you have not experienced what you write then it is nothing more than hypothesis and that applies to all areas of life.

People make so many assumptions and in so doing create negative perceptions that have no basis in reality and so the negative karmic cycle continues.

Lotus Feet
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