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Message Subject Cabala and Talmud lies about the most Holy Bible
Poster Handle Lotus Feet
Post Content
I have my own view on H.P. Blavatsky and Theosophy having met some of its followers. However, it is not true Kabbalah. To know the Kabbalah of Israel you have to study with the Jewish mystics of Israel and this cannot be found in Theosophy. Theosophists are basically seekers of truth, they seek outside of self.

This movement moved mainly into revelation of seeking outside of the self and neglected self realisation to its own detriment.

Without self realisation there is no true revelation.

Without self realisation there is no gnosis.

When you truly know the self then you know the universe and God.

So what is the point of Kabbalah?

Ascent of the soul and its consciousness and from experience there is much easier and simplier ways to achieve it.

The way is UP!

Where did Judaism really go astray?

Probably the day the Rabbi's took control of spirituality and closed down the Prophet schools in the middle east, 100BC.

Lotus Feet
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