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Message Subject Prince Harry and Meghan are heading to the "bunker"...have you ever thought of that?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I love you guys. laugh

War criminals murdered 56 Canadians when they shot down a plane to punish Iranians for launching missiles at US bases in Iraq. Jordan claims that the plane was taken down by Iran, but Iranians were the victims, not the war criminals of the crisis incited by the targeted killing of an Iranian General.

Ironically, Iran acted overtly but the retaliation was covert.

Overt tit for covert tat was unexpected, but there you have it. Plane was on fire before it crashed and that's not an engine malfunction.

The Fog of War always keeps the truth buried, forever, and the report that Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 was shot down in Tehran by Israeli backed MEK terrorists with Stinger MANPADs, is one that will probably never be confirmed or credibly denied because in this conflict, both sides have evidently agreed about the need to save face, rather than to inform the anxious public.
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