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Message Subject BREAKING ON THE WIRES: IRGC Channels Saying Iran May Carry Out Operation On The Strait Of Hormuz TONIGHT!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This needs attention because it would be so easy for the Iranians to carry out.

With just the sinking of one or 2 oil tankers, the insurers will pull their insurance of all the other tankers. This would lead to a spike in oil prices that would make the Russians gleeful indeed.

I won't mention the environmental damage this would cause. I will say that you can bet that the muslim Iranians will blame it all on the US.
 Quoting: tcs

NOTHING to do with Islam.

Anyway, when America and Europe are close allies of MBS/Saudi and Sunni Arab Muslims, why do they complain about Islam?

The "Shia Muslim" is just a mask. They are not even really Islamic, because they hardly make any attempts to convert others to Islam, as the Sunni Arab Muslims do.

They're a Brown Aryan power, whose main enemy is White Aryans.

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