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Message Subject Lancet medical journal: The Only Way to Stop Racism Is ‘to Eliminate Whiteness All Together’
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
And no, the races will not be "merged" and look Italian.

We are cosmic races, and the dark side always attacks dna lineages, but they don't get authority over this planet to do so.

Some people fall in love and there will always be opposites attracting.

But the majority perpetrate their dna and lineages.

And I really like Nordic people, highest minds on the planet.

And I really like all white people, red heads, freckles, and the wonderful diversity that is our race.

And we're not going to hand it over to the globalists.

Have lots of babies everyone. Single moms included. Lots and lots and lots of babies.

And be proud of your race. You are the Equality and Freedom.
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