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Message Subject London rejects permission for Scotland's second independence referendum demand
Poster Handle keybored
Post Content

So UK should not be afraid of a new referendum, right? Unless they know Scotts will vote leave, and refuse them the right of self-determination?

Yeah, fuck you, they are hypocrites and know it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77708627

Why can some people just no ever get over the fact that they are in a minority and therefore they lost and should just move on? Grow the fuck up and accept that you can't always get your way in life when more people want something you do not.

The Scottish referendum was agreed to be the one and only time they would vote on the issue and that both sides would abide by the results.
 Quoting: keybored

Favoring the UK's hold over Scotts is no different than favoring the EU's hold over UK.

With your logic you are also against Flemish independance

The Flemish support Scottish independance so fuck you you fascist scum
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77708627

I thought Brexit was supposed to be a one time deal too lol,
But it was only if it went the way the “Government” wanted lol
Ultimately they passed it right? How do you really anticipate this effecting the UK in reality?
 Quoting: Patriot_In_Waiting

The May government was trying to keep the UK in the EU and had she not been ousted, I'm sure she would have pushed for as many referendums as it took to change the vote back. It was Boris that said he would deliver what the people voted for and that is why he got an outright majority despite all the crap thrown at him and backstabbing that went on to try and bring him down.

People in the UK (the majority) want their country back and are prepared for all the short-term hardships that that will bring. If that meant doing a deal with the devil ie. labour voters voting conservative (which would be something like black people voting for the ku kux klan in comparison) then they were prepared to risk a few years more of their rule to get the long term result of leaving the EU and standing on their own again.

Most people don't know that the UK twice voted not to join the common market (the original European vote) because they knew it would not be just a common market, which most people were not opposed to, but would become the bureaucratic and undemocratic monster that it is today. They were right and that's why they want out.
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