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Message Subject Covid19/WORLD:739 000/US:142 000/MEASURES US TILL APRIL 30 P7591/NYC:SHIP TO ARRIVE P7593/DR BIRX:"IN BEST CASE":100-200 000 US-DEATHS P7603
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For the CFR - I'm assuming that there are plenty more cases outside of the pneumonia cases, which seems to be what the Chinese are (supposedly) counting, although everyday it seems to be a different case definition depending on WHO's defining them.

I'm curious as to what everyone thinks about the Peruvian who died on Jan 17th in LA. I.E. No seeding? Nobody else made it here well before the lockdown / flight restrictions? Etc....

I'm guessing that was an initial seeding case (along with others) and we're going to see Cali (perhaps a few other large Asian pop. cities) start to explode within a much quicker time frame then people expect.
 Quoting: conspiratio maxima

Personally, the Peruvian is of prime importance to the timeline. The Feds have more data no doubt about a lot more patients, but that one case sticks out like a sore thumb and I want more details. Doubt we'll get any though.
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