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Subject Hi It’s me Kevinn! Um I decided to use a different name other than my own. So I go by Black Brrr Tyson
Poster Handle Black Brrr Tyson
Post Content
I’m a disciplinarian. I have no problem straightening out someone who is wrong. The reason why I decided to use my online name as Black Brrr Tyson, is because when someone displeases me, I can get cold toward them, so that explains the Brrr. Tyson is the verbal knock out blow I give to people who I get into a debate with. I believe in corporal punishment. I don’t have kids but I have a cat, and I when that cat is unruly, I have no problem performing corporal punishment on it. I got shafted by a date the other night. I believe if she received good discipline when she was younger , she wouldn’t have done that to me. I would have no problem disciplining her but I won’t get the opportunity. Verbal discipline. I admire the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom, the animals know their roll. The animal kingdom has more discipline than humans. I would love to live amongst the animal kingdom. They clockley. Anyway bye!
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