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Message Subject Watch This Video If You Are Even THINKING of HEADING to VIRGINIA!!
Poster Handle 2hot2handle
Post Content
why is there even a rally on MLK day.

The entire government will be on vacation

They will literally be protesting an empty legislature
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77849624

That's because the leftists will probably get some phony white supremacist who is really a satan worshipping incel Bernie supporter to do something violent so they can blame gun owners and Trump supporters. Just watch and they will scrub the guy's social media of all mention of Bernie and loving satan after the staged incident and hastily put up the picture they took of the guy with a MAGA hat and standing in front of the confederate flag or some white supremacist banner. They may even have the Social Media account already set up months in advance in waiting for such a false flag event. Yep some 27 year old guy just joined social media in the last six months. The question becomes why so late to jump on social media if that is legitimate account and not some stooge account.
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