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Message Subject Watch This Video If You Are Even THINKING of HEADING to VIRGINIA!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Listen, Northam has already has the strategic advantage. By labeling anyone who opposes his plans as a neo-nazi, white supremacist, no gun owner can win the optics war.

That part of the offensive is over. If you live in Virginia, you fucked up, you waited too long to get out and now you're stuck.

The only real move left strategically is to boycott the State and every business in it. No more vacations, no more dealing with anyone who lives there, move out if you do reside in the state, take your shit with you and never go back.

The only cards anyone holds in this game is their voluntary compliance and economic participation in anything that benefits the people who run that racket.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76531980

this is true. they voted for two nutty dem senators not once
but even re-elected them. they elected a bizarre dem governor
that talks of killing babies after they are born. they now
have given all state politics to the dems. what in the hell
did they expect? I feel sorry for the rual counties that did
not do this, but I would treat them just like I do Illinois.
I don't even cross the Mississippi river to Illinois when I
am in Kentucky. I would not give them any business at all.
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