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Message Subject Watch This Video If You Are Even THINKING of HEADING to VIRGINIA!!
Poster Handle WalrusRider
Post Content
I like the comments that tell the people to not enter the cage, and instead go everywhere else.

The cage is an insult. It is as if the wicked group of people who are destroying the country from within are scoffing at us. They are demanding a gesture of submission from us (entering a cage) to protest their evil actions. They are demanding that people do not bring guns with them in an open carry state. If the people submit to these things, then who will take them seriously?

Aside from the shamefulness of submission, I get the feeling that the cage is a dangerous place to be. Everybody seems to be expecting a false flag event. With Antifa and the agents of our corrupt government on the scene, it would be all too easy for a "stray bullet" from their end to start something big.

I think our enemies would like nothing more than for them to have an excuse to confiscate all guns on the scene and arrest people on camera without any kind of repercussion from the patriots. If they succeed in confiscating guns and arresting people without any kickback, it will set a precedent that they can walk on us and they can win...
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