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found some sci-fi

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United States
01/18/2020 09:26 PM
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found some sci-fi
I like to read,
i like to read sci-fi because it gives me fun ideas to play with

found a web story called
"The Deathworlders"

[link to deathworlders.com (secure)]
link to earliest parts

So the idea that our author is working with is that HUMANS are the dangerous species in the galaxy.

the ETs are afraid of US!
so in the story planets have a "safety score"

1 paradise ----- 10 deathworld

most of the races on the council come from worlds ranked 2-4, the highest number on the council is 6, its believed that environmental competition has prevented the evolution of intelligence on more difficult worlds (7-9).

it is not supposed to be possible for intelligent life to evolve on a class 10 or higher.

so im from a class 2 world, very simple ecosystem, placid weather, light gravity, no predators.. sounds like paradise, and it is, unless i leave that world and get in a fight. i have no fangs, claws, exoskeleton, or muscle-mass, evolution denied me those because i grew up in a class 2 and did not need them. class two would evolve you with little to no immune system also

but in this story,
is class 12.

lots of competition, lots of biodiversity, so many ways to die.

THIS IS BLOG STYLE FICTION, so extend a little credit if at times it feels unpolished.


like biodiversity + competition = genes worth selling on the galactic black market. the greys know we are here and have been selling earth derived gene products since Rome.
Or think weapons, alien weapons are always terrifying to the earthlings who are the "new kids" in space. in this story, alien weapons are designed to harm things no where near as tough as us


the intro story is about a guy abducted by greys, hes experimented upon and released, but hes not a galactic citizen and he has paperwork troubles... the story starts as he AGAIN tries to get through customs on some ET world, during his interview, the station is attacked by the Bad Guys..
aliens are dying everywhere as the hunters maraud and then they get to Kevin. they hit him with the "kinetic force" blaster that had been tearing holes in the ETs, it knocks Kevin down, but then he stands back up.
a few gruesome seconds later and the "hunters" have been torn limb from limb by an unarmed vagrant who is suddenly famous.

a few stories later Kevin is back on earth and of course nobody believes him. UNTIL the hunters try to get revenge on that 1 alien bad ass that upstaged them by taking heads on Kevin's homeworld. they attack a hockey match, hilarity ensues.


so im no where near done with the tale, it seems to be HUGE and involve more than one author, but its been fun so far, and if your looking for something fun to read online, its a hit.

for all you D&D geeks

Order of the Stick is sweeeeeeet..

[link to www.giantitp.com]
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01/18/2020 09:53 PM

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Re: found some sci-fi