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Message Subject I started Hospice at home, prayers and emotional support appreciated. UPDATE: Our Beloved Monkey Flower Has Passed - 7 April 2020 - ljs
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Hello again friends hf

I enjoyed a wonderful day today. Hospice has improved my quality of life in so many ways...it has been about 2 weeks now, living with hospice care. Hospice is a blessing for myself and my loved ones.

I now have a hospice schedule. I know which team member and when they will be at my home.

Tomorrow my eldest granddaughter will be here and we will sort, label and give away more of my stuff. This will be her third visit helping me with saying good bye to things and sharing memories with my beautiful, strong, loving, gentle woman. She has most of my jewelry now, along with a List of which granddaughter get which pieces and which life milestones she will give them to her girl cousins.

I have given my eldest grandson my father's binoculars as well as one of my father's Purple Hearts. My father's other Purple Heart lives under my pillow. These Purple Hearts will continue to help my amazing grandson and I stay brave. I also told my grandson about the night he was born, how I was the first to hold him after his mother on the night he was born. I gave him a song that one of you, my friends, posted to this thread. I think the song will give him comfort.Thank you! hugs

I need to go read some doom stuff now. Please know I can feel the loving support from all over the world.hf

I might write more later tonight. Since beginning my life with hospice the quality of life has improved in so many ways. With the incredible support I find at GLP and hospice I can't imagine feeling better than I do now, in this life, in this moment.


My granddaughter is bringing breakfast! Sausage gravy and bisquits. Yummm!ratdance
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