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Message Subject I started Hospice at home, prayers and emotional support appreciated. UPDATE: Our Beloved Monkey Flower Has Passed - 7 April 2020 - ljs
Poster Handle monkeyflower
Post Content
Hello again my amazing and amazingly loving friends hugs

I am doing so much better tonight than I have in a few days!

I was hardly sleeping, which is not a new thing in my life. Before I would go a few days with bits of sleep. then, I would play catch up by sleeping for hours. Over the last couple of weeks I've had the not sleeping much ( Roughly 2 to 3 times a day/night in the form of very short less than n hour) snatches of sleep, waking confused and annoyed)

So after being a squeaky wheel, (calling to bitch to my nurse and social worker) today FINALLY!bandcheerschorus My nurse called me telling me a med had been called in to my local pharmacy. I had tried all of my usual things that normally help me sleep without an rx med. I think they finally gave me the rx just so I would STFU.

So many awesome people here, so much love, so many prayers and well wishes, so many laughs,so much music!

Oh, the music! So many friends to thank for music! To name only a very few. Lance from BC, I've made a playlist I loop of the beautiful music you have gifted me with. Music for my heart and soul. I can't explain how the music makes me feel, how that gorgeous music carries me away...

Coolio...a song that brings my baby brother to awaken a bit in my heart, and the happy tears that I will soon seem my baby brother again. I lost him years ago. He was only 49 years old. My only sibling...I miss my baby brother every minute of my life...Thank you for a song to bring him closer.hugs

Citizen Perth...Pink floyd, wish you were here. One of my favorite Floyd songs. I even cleared my throat during the first part of the song. At the start of wish you were here one of them clears his throat. Anyway a song that speaks to my, or thru my heart. Another Pink Floyd song I adore is called on the turning away. I love On the Turning Away because it is another song that speaks a truth so many people,even good people need to hear and understand and live.

I do not watch tv. I fill my life with music. I am so glad I can. Music is the language of the universe.

I am sending thanks and love to everyone. I hope everyone feels as loved and supported as I do right now....Tangy, hug your delightful dog for me. Tell him I owe him a trip to dog toys r us!

Tomorrow my 14 year old grandson is coming to visit me. I am spoiled!


Hours ago I started my GLP day finding a dancing rat in my email...Thank you chuckleratdanceratdancelaugh

Wonder not for who/m the rat dances, he dances for us all.ratdance

PS hey Uh, hihugs
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