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Message Subject I started Hospice at home, prayers and emotional support appreciated
Poster Handle InterMezzo
Post Content
Hi Monkeyflower

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this.

To be honest, I have considered your situation, asking myself, would I rather be in your shoes than mine.......I think you are in a MUCH better position than me.

Consider having no one. If I were to get sick, No one would care. (except God) I would easily give you my perfect health in exchange for the love you are showered with. I am NOT kidding!
 Quoting: sseess

You are never alone my friend.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

If you feel the need to vent, feel free to message me. You got a friend in me. I upgraded you, so that should work. hf
 Quoting: InterMezzo

Thank you so much! I wondered what was going on this morning! I'm glad to know it was you.

I will pick myself up once again and try to stop wallowing in my self pity.

What a beautiful song,

 Quoting: sseess

Everyone goes through their own level of troubles and sometime life looks really dark. Everyone has their own way of dealing with that. But is never a bad thing to reach out if you feel alone or abandoned. That's what we are here for as well. We are not here to judge, but to lend an ear or an arm, share a word, a thoughts or a song. hugs

Our GLP Flower is a very courageous girl and her thread brings out the best in people. The love and encouragement people show here is truly heart warming. The most rewarding we can do for Monkeyflower, is take an example of her courage and use it as motivation to keep believing in ourselves, in the knowledge that there is light, even in darkest times. Not always easy to see, but it is there.

Some can do it on their own, others may need a helping hand. Nothing wrong with that. You are not alone. hf
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