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Message Subject I started Hospice at home, prayers and emotional support appreciated. UPDATE: Our Beloved Monkey Flower Has Passed - 7 April 2020 - ljs
Poster Handle monkeyflower
Post Content
sending hugs Monkeyflowerhugs
 Quoting: SomethingBetter

Hello GLP family hugs

It has been a rough couple of days. I could feel better and pain was making me cranky.

I did the only logical thing (In my mind anyway). I took pool's tiny cute fast car, added my grandmother (her rocker fits perfectly, my kitty and all of the music, and the three of use took off flying..

pool's flying car is fast, crazy fun fast. (Because it is poll's magical mini car, thank you pool hugs) Grandma, kitty and I have been all over the place. We have seen places and things most people can hardly imagine. Beautiful, awe inspiring, fun, sometimes even funny places. High places and low places, all of the places. And it was good. The car, comfortable perfection (thank you pool) the care uses love, hope and hugs for fuel. Music (thank you everyone!hugs) Provided the magic.

Now I am back and I am better than I was. Oh, lil me, you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone, and He sees that, and He sees and loves you!hugs

Louis in Richmond, I did get my avatar with a mask. I tried a few times to use it as my avatar but I can't make it work. Thank you for the mask Louis, I lack basic computer, tech skills. I love the masked avatar and look at it often hugs

Also, the pictures of monkeyflowers are gorgeous! So many pretty faces and beautiful colors. The monkeyflowers need to stay planted and unpicked. pool's car seems to use field's of monkeyflowers as if they are a GPS...

So now I am back to (my often new changing) normal. Thank you everyone for the hope,humor, kindness, caring, prayers, shared angel experiences, stories of hospice, love and light and music.

Thank you or a place you created that brings me peace, helps me to separate myself from my illness. A place where I can find my balance....my peace of mind. Just thank you, all of you hugs


The dancing rat is M.I.A. ....probably sleeping in poll's tiny car chuckle
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