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Subject Tesla's Through-The-Earth Communication World System Ready, These Frequencies will cause more EQ's, Super Storms, Volcanic Activity, ect.
Poster Handle Finally Made public after 50yr
Post Content
Tesla's "World System" Communication & Weapon is Ready!

Test of Through-The-Earth Communication Systemô Exceeds Expectations

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., August 6, 2007 -- Two-way voice signal reaches depths beyond 300 feet in experimental mine
UNIONTOWN, Pennsylvania, - Rigorous testing at the Lake Lynn Experimental Mine last month proved the viability of Vital Alert Technologies' system for emergency warning, evacuation, and rescue communications.


Vital Alert's Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) is the first and only fail-safe, pre and post disaster, digital, wireless, early warning, emergency and evacuation network, capable of sending 2-way voice and text communications through earth, skyscrapers, subways, tunnels, ocean and more. EBN can be used in urban, subterranean and ocean environments.

EBN technology has the ability to penetrate the earth by sending vital information through the earth for several miles or through steel and concrete buildings. Rock, concrete, steel, debris and dust cannot stop the EBN communications signal. The network has the ability to penetrate the earth to depths of MORE THAN 9000 feet!

[link to www.vitalalert.com]
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