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Message Subject Tesla's Through-The-Earth Communication World System Ready, These Frequencies will cause more EQ's, Super Storms, Volcanic Activity, ect.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
since the 10th of June we have noticed the new grid pattern on HAARP. Since HAARP is using Cern's LHC, we have seen since May an increase in IFS. But this new pattern is highly unusual and we have reached a conclusion it is due to HAARP utilizing particle accelerators.

[link to]

Scroll back to before June 10th to see what we have noticed.

More about IFS and earthquakes, and volcanic activity
[link to www.gi.alaska.edu]

These maps are also used to monitor ionospheric weather, and to now cast ionospheric storms that often occur responding to activities in solar wind and Earth's magnetosphere as well as thermosphere
[link to iono.jpl.nasa.gov]

Nasa has publicly stated they have seen anomalies in the ionosphere before earthquakes, we can only surmise volcanic activity, and super cell storms as well.

I have a strong indication that these accelerators ( CERN, the world's largest particle accelerator )and accompanying particle beam weapons devices have been both tested and deployed. Investigators have suspected but have been unable to prove indisputably that particle accelerators and particle beams were somehow being utilized in HAARP operations.

Made man gamma ray bursts. Most powerful weapon
Cern April 3 test
Thread: CERN and LHC

My theory is the output after the digital TV radio switch will really increase earthquakes, super storms, volcanic activity, but also to open these doorways right into our living rooms! Imagine the power Digital Angel will have utilizing HAARP and Cerns LHC! We won't believe our eyes!

Thread: Digital Angel Digital Angel's SARBE Unit Receives $2.7 Million of Orders from Malaysian Air Force and Navy to Supply Personal Locator Beacons!

certain frequencies wave sounds create anomalous phenomenon, like seeing, hearing, even feeling strange apparitions.

infrasonics cause eq's, volcanic activities, super storms, ect.

what come first, the chicken or the egg? Was it their intention to use HAARP and Cern as a weapon to cause earthquakes and the like? Or Mind control on a wider scale with sending out signals in binary code radio-frequencies (RF) using our television sets, radios, PLB, and digital other electronics? Was it to open portals, or other doorways allowing more entities into our world, or all the above?

Whatever it is, we can see for sure "Tesla's "World System" Communication & Weapon is ON!"


[link to www.iris.edu]

UFO sightings
[link to www.icar1.com]

severe weather worldwide for 2008
[link to www.ncdc.noaa.gov]
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