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Message Subject To the doctors in Wuhan, I can help you to eradicate that virus.
Poster Handle MasterJedi
Post Content
idk This is a role paying site- you know that when you come here.

But here's my take. Science has shown us that what we believe and focus on, we manifest, we create our reality with our thoughts. So, if someone/group is getting us to collectively believe the virus is being contained or that we are healing, then that ups the chances that that will be so in our reality.

I choose to believe these threads are bringing positive energy to people. And there is a lot of sound advice and true news here that you won't find in many, if not most, other public sources.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76699719


Thoughts create reality. Even in the bible it says in black and white that Jesus/Yeshua always asked if the person "believed that He could do this" as in perform the miracles. Having that person's faith and belief with their Free Will was also a key.

PS To the other skeptics, trolls and Please leave Grumpier alone. ALOT of people are being blessed by the work that is being done through him. Facts are even if you somehow believe what you are posting - Grumpier is not asking for money, not hurting anyone and there is good that comes from it. Let the man alone, move along and focus your attention on something else that is really a scam and could take money from people and hurt them - Respectfully, Master Jedi
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