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Message Subject To the doctors in Wuhan, I can help you to eradicate that virus.
Poster Handle grumpier
Post Content
A specialist doctor tells the symptoms.
To me those were the symptoms of activation of the first virus by the second one.

I have no way of knowing the real date of this clip.

To me, after stopping all viruses, the current sick people and even the dying are suffering of the damage the first virus already has done to their bodies.

No new live viruses means no more new cases.
That said, anyone that got it before, still has the markers, on the outside of the infected cells and on the outside of the dead virus in the bloodstream and tissues.
Soo...they test positive but are no longer infectous.

Then there is also all kind of lying data and slow data collection and publication.

It will take a while before it is publicised that the Covid 19 has run its course.
Do not even try to wait for the moment that Governments and science will tell you all viruses died at the same moment worldwide...LOL.

The video, it will start at the right moment:
[link to youtu.be (secure)]

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