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Message Subject To the doctors in Wuhan, I can help you to eradicate that virus.
Poster Handle grumpier
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A young girl in Calvert County Maryland just died from flu symptoms yesterday. The U.S. is in a flu resurgence.
 Quoting: anonymous coward 76076258

World wide, shortly before we erased all viruses, already 36 % of the world population was already infected with the Covid-19 virus.

That percentage in the USA was 43% at that time.

That spread was not in any way related to the genome...them being "Asian" or not.

That genome part, the on purpose targeting, was about their greatly enhanced risk, once they got infected.

Than there is the PCR test that is highly inaccurate, made by Bayer.

The ones that currently are diagnosed with Covid-19 are not necessary suffering from any symptoms and in a lot of cases their own immune system already mopped it all up.

Others, with a not so good functioning immune system might still suffer from it or even die as a result.
They need Vit C IV , antibiotics and blood oxygenation. That last one is best done outside of their body.

No more viruses that can multiply in cells means..no more NEW infections.
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