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Anyone have "deja vu" lately?

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User ID: 7119389
United States
01/27/2020 09:17 PM

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Anyone have "deja vu" lately?
Please explain (:
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77441923
01/27/2020 09:23 PM
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Re: Anyone have "deja vu" lately?
“It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he
knows the truth. Producing bullshit requires no such con-
viction.” – Harry Frankfurt
In On Bullshit, the philosopher Frankfurt (2005) defines
bullshit as something that is designed to impress but that
was constructed absent direct concern for the truth. This
distinguishes bullshit from lying, which entails a deliberate
manipulation and subversion of truth (as understood by the
liar). There is little question that bullshit is a real and con-
sequential phenomenon. Indeed, given the rise of commu-
nication technology and the associated increase in the avail-
ability of information from a variety of sources, both expert
and otherwise, bullshit may be more pervasive than ever be-
fore. Despite these seemingly commonplace observations,
we know of no psychological research on bullshit. Are peo-
ple able to detect blatant bullshit? Who is most likely to fall
prey to bullshit and why?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines bullshit as, simply,
“rubbish” and “nonsense”, which unfortunately does not get
to the core of bullshit. Consider the following statement:
“Hidden meaning transforms unparalleled ab-
stract beauty.”
Although this statement may seem to convey some sort of
potentially profound meaning, it is merely a collection of
buzzwords put together randomly in a sentence that retains
syntacticstructure. Thebullshitstatementisnotmerelynon-
sense, as would also be true of the following, which is not
“Unparalleled transforms meaning beauty hidden
l0ves0ul  (OP)

User ID: 77870722
United States
01/28/2020 05:52 PM

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Re: Anyone have "deja vu" lately?