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Message Subject Trump to Award Rush Limbaugh with Presidential Medal of Freedom
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Maybe Rush could use my recipe like Don Imus did, extending his life 10 years.

Simply use one or two eye droppers of habanero peppers blended into a tincture along with a couple cloves of freshly grated garlic each day on sprouted bread and lots of butter.

They took away a dozen or so lesions that ran from my lower leg to my upper back. They call that Stage 4. They went away in less than 5 days. So I stopped for a few days and four of the lesions tried to come back. Another four days and they were gone once again. It's been over 21 years now and none of the lesions ever returned. 

Today, if I had cancer, I'd grate up a bunch of ginger root and mix it with organic raw honey to taste and eat a wooden spoonful twice a day and refrigerate it between doses. It might take a little longer, but it's also easier than dealing with the heat of the other recipe.
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