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Message Subject David Wilcock's blog is worth reading and the shills here are desperate for you to stay ignorant of his work
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
David Wilcock supports CHRISTIAN values, a Trump presidency..

He works to FIGHT: globalism, the Cabal, the LYING MEDIA and the CLINTONS...

David has pointed out exactly what kind of people the Clinton's are, now perhaps you can guess why he has been flagged as a rabble-rouser and now is the subject of shills and defamation artists.

But you can render all of their work absolutely meaningless if you would just read one or two of his articles.

They are free, well sourced, and entertaining.


Go to his Blog and read any one of his articles.

Don't let the shills keep you from informing yourself!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43825387

You are a stupid fool.

Wilcock jumps on whatever is trending.

If you had been around as long as GLP you would have seen this for yourself.

Wilcock does not give a shit about truth - why else did he raise money for Pete Peterson, and then NOT give it to him!!
On top of that, Pete turned out to be a total fraud - something David has neglected to tell his brain dead followers.

You are a noob who doesn't bother to check anything outside of your snowflake bubble - it is time for you to either wake the fuck up, or shut the fuck up - because you don't know shit from shizzle.
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