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Forbs: Coronavirus Impact: How To Prepare Your Supply Chain

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 43674430
United States
02/13/2020 05:26 PM
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Forbs: Coronavirus Impact: How To Prepare Your Supply Chain
The article did a good job of putting the current corona virus situation in historical perspective in regard to the global supply chain (unprecedented) but offered very little in regard to "How To Prepare Your Supply Chain"

[link to www.forbes.com (secure)]

What Y2K failed to deliver in regard to supply chain disruptions, the corona virus is about to but in slow motion. What every manufacturing company and distribution company in the west should have done this week is contact every one of their vendors of goods (not services) to inquire of their exposure to items of Chinese origin, AND their vendors suppliers. Also, each vendor should be asked about the current status of their ability to fulfil orders and a description of their plan (if any) to proactively negate the impacts of any current (or future) future supply chain disruptions.

The Forbs article seems to imply that if you vendor is in China you have a potential problem. If not, you are OK. Reality check: Parts and assemblies stamped with made in USA or made in Mexico likely have components made in China. Even simple manufactured Items have a web of supply chains. Think of something as simple as a #2 pencil:

Wood body: Raw material, machining.
Carbon: Raw material, machining.
Yellow paint: Multiple chemicals.
Eraser: Raw materials / chemicals, molding
Aluminum sleeve: Raw materials, extruding.

All of this does not include the packaging for a 20 pack.

By asking a vendor or supplier to tell you, the manufacture of products with multiple parts how everything is going with them and all of Their suppliers", The asking of the question may be as important as the answer you get back. They may not be as aware of the situation as you are but they will be.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 76012631
United States
02/13/2020 05:35 PM
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Re: Forbs: Coronavirus Impact: How To Prepare Your Supply Chain