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Message Subject Your thoughts in a Nutshell, GLP...Covid-19
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
I voted 20% wipe-out.

I think something is "fishY' about the whole China
handling of the virus. They keep wanting everyone to
believe it came from a FISH MARKET (still seeing videos
with that "backstory" playing here on GLP)...while it
has already been confirmed by credible sources--even a
bio-research team at an esteemed Indian University--that THIS


So logically it came from the Level 4 Bio-hazard facility
in Wuhan...NOT the "fish market. And...if an ACCIDENTAL
release at this facility there is ZERO INFO as to if it
has been contained there. It could be like Fukushima just
sitting there releasing more and more virus for all we know
--which would mean it will just keep infecting everyone
in that city. What does THIS tell us?
Thread: China Vows To Put An End To "Lab Leakage Of Pathogenic Microorganisms And Various Samples"

Then...there is something MORE "fishy" about how our own
government is proceeding with OUR RESPONSE to it. I see
where the military is now involved, but no transparency
as to WHAT OUR INTEL about the bio-release actually has
found out.

We have a couple across the hall from us in our apartment
building who just traveled back from an international flight
(within the 14-30 day incubation period)...and they are
BOTH sick. One is continuing to go to his food service job
...the other just told us today he's "going to drive to
Oregon to see relatives for Valentines Day!" So...if they
are exposed they are spreading it.

We shouldn't have to be second guessing who has been exposed and who hasn't...being worried about our neighbors, etc.
with the level of intel available to this country--IT SHOULD
BE ANNOUNCED straight-up where we sit with this shit!

I'm very worried, Fluffy. (And if they have it...we have it.) We're NOT panic...just frustrated!

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