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Message Subject Your thoughts in a Nutshell, GLP...Covid-19
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I voted other. This is a problem across the ocean... 99% China.

When we start quarantining cities here in the states I'll pay more attention. And I would bet anything and everything that's not going to happen here.
 Quoting: The F Shack

They probably won't lock cities down in the USA because that costs money and they need us working and being productive until we drop.
Also, Covid-19 is already in the wild.
I had an extremely health 36 yr old male friend that died in mid November, the hospital said it was real bad pneumonia and the labs showed no Flu-A or Flu-B but a different Flu they did not recognize.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76538212

My granddaughter was very ill a couple of weeks ago also with a cough and fever and then the vomiting came later. She also tested neg for flu A and B. Doctor still felt is was the flu however. So yeah, there is something different out there. But, why would we be surprised? We have hundreds of thousands roaming around America from south of the border. I'm sure they brought their versions of illness with them.
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