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Message Subject Your thoughts in a Nutshell, GLP...Covid-19
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The outright lies being vomited out from all sides, saddens me on an emotional level I wasn't ready for although I'm well into the cynical years and expected nothing less.

Still even with that mindset this is unreal and a black mark on us all for letting our leaders get away with this.

That being said, I'm thinking Georgia Guidestones here. It was just a matter of time. Taking us out this way leaves most of the treasure intact.

A part of me knows the world is due a hard reset if it can't figure out how to work out our differences but here and there and everywhere it's just division without Unity, endless exploitative power grabs to serve the sickened powers that should not be, with the unconscious mind steering the wheel for almost everyone. I just have this feeling of this time, our time, as a modern take on the peoples that inhabited the Earth in the time of Noah.

Some pockets of compassionate awareness and joy here and there in the lands, isolated and remarkable in their rarity. But far from the norm, and maybe not enough to bring the rest of us out of our orbit, weighed down as it is so heavily in attraction to worthless objects made of dead bone and stolen gold.

Will see in about a week or two for sure either way what people will be saying about the '20's. But I'm thinking it will be along the lines of what we say when we reference 1918, only worse because there were way more of us to count by those left to do the tallying of numbers.

Every moment offers us a chance to awaken to the Truth of what we are and the best we can hope for is more moments. It just feels like we're being shorted our chance at many more of those lately.

By the Will of God, or Spirit of the Earth, our by the realization of our collective darkest fears made tangible reality...it seems we are facing this, now, for better or worse.

Feel like I have front row seats for the end of the world right now. It's not everyone who gets to say that in a given generation. Like watching that lightning storm approaching in awe and humility and a bit of fear and excitement, realizing too late that you're watching it from the middle of an empty field and your hair is standing on end now and you're smelling ozone.

The worlds needs to change in a massive way, maybe this is just what it looks like when it does. Like creeping fucking doom.

Make your peace, get right with your God, reconnect and give thanks to the spirit of the Earth and this physical manifest realm for the chance to experience life or whatever you gotta do. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst but don't lose your humanity in this, in the end it's just another test for us. One that will be repeated until the lesson is learned. As it was in the days of Noah, and from the time of earlier civilizations and souls of Man, no different now than these days. Except we had some kickass music, some amazing fucking shows and funny ass memes to get us by didn't we?

Look to the skies for signs in the Heavens, keep your toes planted on the soil of your native land and stand firm holding on to that piece of Earth you call your own. Keep both hands holding on to those you love and who love you, with one finger on the trigger and the other, middle one, ready to give to anyone who comes to take your treasure from you. Remembering that treasure and to share it with those that have even less than you do.

Be well GLP. But I'm not seeing this as something that passes us by without affecting at least a portion of people we know in the world.

I'd hope this sinking feeling I have is just the fast food I ate, but I haven't fucked with fast food in years, because they poison everything they touch don't they? We see the poison spreading right now on a scale that should have you wishing you invested in fan blade cleaner because TSHHTF. SNAFU going quickly FUBAR.

Just had to get that off my chest. AC out.
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