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Message Subject Your thoughts in a Nutshell, GLP...Covid-19
Poster Handle None for ME!
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May I have your attention, please!

The events unfolding now are Biblical in nature (OK, lots of you quit reading at this point)but that's your problem...soon.

First, we don't know what we don't know about this virus and what we do see and hear is shocking!

Just forget the virus for a moment. The stock market is roaring, Apple stock, MacDonald's, WALMART, just pick a global stock.

Apple and other high-tech products are made in China. At least 50% of everything on the shelves of Walmart come from China. Yet, the stock isn't negatively affected. Why??

Our electronic products, car parts, medicines, gadgetry of all sorts comes from China.

In a real market, the sell off of stocks dependent on Chinese production would be NEWS. Since news is FAKE and the stock market is (controlled), FAKE, we see and hear nothing negative.

The virus, the elections, the globalization all lead to corralling the global herd and panic in the streets.

Welcome to the lead in of your one world government.

Feel better now?

A person without God has no hope. I beg you to find him soon.
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