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Message Subject Your thoughts in a Nutshell, GLP...Covid-19
Poster Handle Fluffy Pancakes
Post Content
we are definetly being lied to by CHINA. the rest of the world leaders are down playhing it to buy time.

from the beginning i said 1 billion dead worldwide,conservatively in 3 years. was a "IF" attached, if it was a bio leak.

the billion is not just from the virus but the affects that come with it. economic DOOM, lack of medicine and supplies,riots,raiders, more shortages,disease outbreaks that will come from the bodies laying around,etc.

remeber in an EMP 90% of AMERRICANs will die in 1 YEAR. so do the math. what all occurrs if we lose power? if the power is on but no supplies are shipped,u are still screwed. add in the other illnesses and accident patients that won't be treated or won't get care fast enuf.

i am afraid i was probably right.
 Quoting: JAZZz50

All systemic collapses lead to grid down scenarios. Right?

If the finances collapse, it results in societal chaos, which prevents the day to day workers from keeping lines clean, etc.

You know the drill. Any major failure results in a systemic failure, which results in a much higher death toll.
 Quoting: Fluffy Pancakes

Or perhaps something simple like no spare parts from China to keep the grid up and running.
 Quoting: Terces Egassem

We don't need cheap Chinese crap to keep the grid running.
 Quoting: Jon Titor ™

That isn't what the prevailing statements from people in the industry say.

My issue is that we need people to run it. And if this makes 60% of people sick, like the WHO guy said, 2/3's of the world will get this virus, then we have issues keeping things running and w have issues with parts as well. Just in time part supplies are going to be very affected.
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